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So you’ve decided you want to become a Titan-killing machine?
Good! But first you must prove yourself by making an incredible amount of straps before joining the ranks! This little tutorial will show you how I made my Attack on Titan pleather straps. I personally wanted my straps to be rather sturdy and durable to make it more viable that these things could actually function as they would in the series. Also, you can of course apply this to straps and belts of the non-Shingeki variety.

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For full size: Visit my D.A. Page.

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Worbla FAQ

Craft Foam vs Wonderflex vs Worbla

Materials and Tools for Cosplay

Gesso on Wonderflex and Worbla

Worbla Tutorial Video

Belt Buckle made of Worbla

Shoulder Armor (pauldron) progress

Worbla Breastplate

An Intorduction to Worbla

Where to buy Worbla? cosplaysupplies or mycostumes

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Vash the Stampede 3.0 by RaveRaiderX

Jinx 2 by KeiSScene

Vergil from Devil May Cry 3
Cosplay by Darcy WilliamPhotography by Vaxzone

Vergil from Devil May Cry 3

Cosplay by Darcy William
Photography by Vaxzone

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Cosplay Eye Makeup

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite cosplay channels ran by zWinnieYap.

She creates some amazing eye makeup that can be used for bishounen makeup, villain makeup, gyaru makeup, or any other application of her videos. Please like and share because she definitely deserves more attention for her craft!

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